The enjoyment of whisky with the art of coopering

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These unique sessions will provide a rare opportunity to see the craft of coopering while you have a dram in your hand! 

During the session you will learn how scotch whisky is produced, witness the construction of a cask and be provided with a demonstration of  some of the tools which have been used for generations in the craft of coopering.  You will also enjoy some premium scotch whiskies which have been specially selected to show the results from various types of casks.

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About me


My name is Kristofer Watson and I am a Scottish Cooper currently based in one of the few cooperages in Scotland. Having spent over 15 years in the whisky industry I have covered different areas of the business which has given me experience in maturation and coopering. My enthusiasm for whisky and the whisky industry has driven me to share my experiences and knowledge. 

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